Once you apply for a mortgage, you will need:

Once you apply for a mortgage, you will need:

Evidence of identification

This might include your passport, driver’s licence and/or Medicare card.

Evidence of employment and income

You shall have to offer proof of your revenue. You might need certainly to provide your income slips and/or copies of the taxation statements and proof of some other earnings ie dividends, payment.

Proof cost cost savings

This indicates simply how much you have conserved for the deposit. It may be a declaration from your own checking account.

Your costs

Your costs will prove that you are able your home loan. It is important to show simply how much you may spend on bills as well as other household and individual expenses.

Evidence of any debts

You must be transparent with your lender about this if you have debts such as credit card debt. You shall have to offer information on any loans or commitments, and you’ll be required to offer statements to verify your repayment history.

Information on your assets

This really is such things as your vehicle, other property, stocks and cost savings.

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